Solar Panels

In simple terms Solar Panels can be divided into two types:

1)  Photovoltaic Solar Panels

2)  Solar Thermal Collectors

Photovoltaic Solar Panels convert Photon particles from the sun into electricity, while Solar Thermal Collectors use heat from the sun to warm water or liquid contained within a network of pipes.Both technologies can be considered eco friendly as neither generates carbon as a by product, and both can be used by households to reduce their heating and electricity bills.

      UK company HomeSun will be providing and installing 2.5 kWh to 4 kWh solar panel systems (worth between £11,000 and £15,000) at no cost. To qualify, you must live south of Hull, and own a house which is optimally sited with an ideally sized roof.

      The rationale behind the system is that HomeSun will receive government feed-in tariff funds over 25 years. At any point, customers can buy the system off on a straightline depreciation basis and start receiving the feed-in tariff themselves.

      Those who don't meet the free criteria can pay a one-time fee of £500 and a £5 per month maintenance charge.