Electric Cars

Electric VehicleMost large car manufacturers now produce electric cars (the Chevrolet Volt is pictured right), and the technology is improving at speed.  The performance and range between charges have increased to an extent wherby electric cars are becoming a viable alternative to petrol cars.  However, electric cars are only as eco friendly as the electricity that powers them. If that electricity was generated at a fossil fuel burning coal fired power station, the benefit to the environment is minimal.  However, if the electricity was generated by sustainable methods, i.e. solar, wind or tidal, then the electric car is a truly eco friendly mode of transport.

The Sanya Skypump is a hybrid solar and wind turbine-powered charging station for electric vehicles, featuring a 150-watt solar panel. The Skypump system is based on Sanya's eco-friendly Streetlamp.

Above Right: The Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Right: The Sanya Skypump electric vehicle charging station