Composting Toilet

Composting toilets range from simple twin chamber designs through to advanced systems with rotating tynes, temperature and moisture probes and electronic control systems. They are effective biological converters of human and household "waste," saving money and energy for the person and community.

Generally, a household that instals a composting toilet will see a large reduction in their water usage. With wastewater re-use in irrigation and other household water reduction techniques and water storage costs can be cut by up to 60%.

Many people fear composting toilets will be smelly. However the suction air flow in most composting toilets actually takes toilet and bathroom odor out of the room and acts like a constant extraction fan.

While only small in amount, the solid end product of a composting toilet is a valuable fertiliser that can be utilised around trees and gardens. In fact the composting toilet possesses the ability to recycle much of your household waste. Food scraps, paper, and greywater systems can be composted back through the toilet. If you choose to put in a reed bed greywater systems, the annual clippings can also be composted.