Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are increasing in popularity in the UK, especially in conservatories, bathrooms and kitchens. These systems require much lower temperatures to heat a room so they are extremely energy efficient and when used correctly they can totally replace the need for radiators.

Wet systems use low pressure warm water pumped through concealed loops of pipe work - they are easy to install at any stage of the project whether a new build or a refurbishment. Wet underfloor heating systems normally utilize hot water from boiler central heating systems. Condensing boilers are well suited to ‘power' underfloor heating as it they are particularly cost effective. Unlike radiators, the underfloor heating system can run at much lower temperatures as the system is spread out over a vast area. The warmth is thus spread more effectively. This effect increases the overall feeling of warmth and comfort in a property.

Some Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems are as follows:

  • Controls - Control the under floor heating temperature via zones that you setup.
  • No noise - With under floor heating systems there is no noise.
  • Targeted warmth - Feet should be kept warm as part of retaining body heat. Walking on a cold floor is also unpleasant even when the whole property is heated by conventional radiators. Get your feet warm with an underfloor heating system.
  • Cleaning and hygiene - No dust like in gas radiator or electrical heating systems. All the parts of the underfloor heating system are concealed beneath the floor.
  • A space saver - underfloor heating saves space. Conventional heaters need wall space and wiring. Unclutter your rooms with underfloor heating.