Scottish Eco Houses

These are the plans for the first Scottish sustainable homes to zero carbon standard.

The development is led by a consortium made up of EcoPlus Homes, Sustainable Homes Scotland (SHS), Formworks UK and SIPS Industries and involves an investment of £50 million, and is set to create 150 new jobs in East Ayrshire.

The homes will be built in Galston, East Ayrshire, at a site owned by Allseasons at the Meadows, an ecological tourism development.

The scheme takes all aspects of sustainability into account, and utilises the experience in highly energy-efficient buildings that has been gained over the last 15 years in Europe.

The scheme advocates the Passive House concept that has been tested for years in Austria, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. It is a voluntary building standard that exceeds the present regulations. Built according to this standard, the need for heating will be reduced by 90%. Compared to conventional build, which has an average heating demand of 150kWh/m2a, these homes need only 15kWh/m2a.The remaining heating and hot water demand can be covered almost completely by renewable energies. Zero Carbon Housing will be achieved by additionally reducing the electricity demand and alternative means of supply.

Eco Plus Homes are based in Edinburgh and specialise in highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly housing.