Recycled Concrete Tube House

Tepoztlan's Tubohotel is a cheap hotel that built from recycled concrete tubes. It is designed by the firm T3arc to be built quickly and cheaply, without compromising the area's spectacular views. Construction took just 3 months.

The hotel, less than an hour away from Mexico City, was inspired by architect Andreas Strauss' 2005 Das ParkHotel. However, Tubohotel's concrete modules incorporate more glass to allow guests a better view of the Sierra del Tepozteco mountain range.

Whilst concrete is not usually considered a green building material, the concrete tubes are recycled making the build eco-friendly.

The modules are mostly arranged in stacked pyramids of three tubes. The top room of each pyramid is accessible via a set of stairs.

The hotel is aimed at budget travellers with rooms costing around 500 pesos or $43 USD per night.