Eco Friendly Houses

eco friendly houses

The Klein Bottle experimental house explores the theme of a mathematical puzzle. The architecture features a rain water collection system and solar paneling.

eco friendly house 2

The XERO Project is one of the entries to the Vision Dallas design competition which aims to make Dallas a greener city. The proposal brings local agriculture, orchards, gardens and food stalls into the city of Dallas, all under one roof.

eco friendly house 3

This concept from USA-based Nectar, an engineering and design firm, features a tower fitted with 200-400 trees in areas of high pollution. It functions like a gigantic filter—scrubbing smog and converting CO2 into oxygen.
The trees inside the structure would be nourished using a windmill-powered pump system, so it would not significantly contribute to our energy consumption.

Bibliosphere administration and student services building

The Bibliosphere, an administration and student services buiding at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, concentrates on sustainability, with natural lighting, ventilation, and uses only renewable energy sources. It consumes 50 percent less energy than German regulations require.

World Games Stadium

The World Games Stadium, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is powered by 8'844 solar panels decked across its 14,155m2 roof. It can hold 55'000 spectators, was designed by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito, and cost upwards of us$150m to build. It should generate 1.14 gigawatt hours of electricity every year; enough electricity to power up to 80% of the surrounding neighbourhood after being fed into the grid on the days when the stadium is unused.