Feed-in Tariffs

Feed-in tariffs are payments to anyone who owns a renewable electricity system, for the energy they generate. Businesses, households, and any property owner are eligable.

Feed-in tariffs can yield up to 41.3p/kWhr, plus an additional 3p/kWh when you export any surplus back to the grid.The exact amount depends on the type and size of the system used to generate renewable energy. For detailed information, see our tariff levels table.

An additional benefit of feed-in tariffs are that they reduce costs on a properties electricity bill.

Feed-in tariffs are index-linked to RPI and can be paid for 20 years. Solar systems can qualify for 25 years Feed-in tariffs.

Over the life of the Feed-in tariffs they should cover the initial capital cost of installation and, according to the Government, earn a return up to 8% p.a. In practice that means you should earn back the capital cost at least two to three times over the duration of the tariffs.