Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers used to be relatively specialised, but they are now widely available to be used domestically, as well as more traditional sectors such as commercial industry, leisure industry and community projects. Most Biomass boilers can be used with different wood fuels ranging from logs to wood chips and wood pellets. Each individual system can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Atmos Log Boiler

Most wood fuelled Biomass boilers are carbon-neutral as wood is a carbon-neutral fuel. Although it releases carbon dioxide when it is burnt, the amount given off is the same as was stored by the tree when it was growing. If the tree were left to rot in the forest it would produce the same amount of carbon emissions as are released by burning it.

The majority of firewood used for biomass boiler fuel comes from sustainable sources, so for every tree cut down another is planted, and the carbon released from the felled tree will be absorbed by another tree.

There are an increasing number of companies that specialise in the supply and installation of Biomass boilers, such as Border Eco Systems Biomass Boilers based in the Scottish Borders.