5 Tips to Design Eco Friendly Buildings

Here are five simple tips that architects, interior designers, or home builders can incorporate in their projects to build greener buildings:

1) Exterior Colours
In warmer climates choose light colours for building exteriors. The colour of buildings affect heat absorption. A light-coloured paint or finish can help reflect the sun’s heat away from the building. According to Solar Today Magazine, white walls, for example, gain 35 per cent less heat than black walls, using less energy to cool the building.

2) Use Natural Light
There is great scope for almost any building to use sunlight to save huge amounts of energy and cost. In colder climates windows can be sited to maximise solar gain, whilst walls that do not receive much sunshine can be almost free of windows. MiniFor office buildings, position meeting rooms around the outside of the building, and use mirrors to reflect the light from windows. An open-plan office lit by natural light provides a healthier greener work environment.

3) Use Technology
Smart technology within the home home is making it easier than ever to be eco friendly. Smart lighting can be installed that is controlled by timers or with light and motion sensors. These sensors ensure that lights are only on when needed and can decrease energy use. Smart electricity meters can help highlight what utilities within the home are using the most energy, and can help home owners save money on bills and live greener.

4) Use Greener Building Materials
Choose, create and build with the right materials to encourage sustainability. For example, a buildings floors could be finished with linoleum rather than vinyl (linoleum is made mainly from jute, a naturally occurring fibre, and possesses natural bacteria-resistant properties that make it a perfect choice for sustainable spaces). Every element of a building can can be designed to reduce energy consumption, waste and encourage recycling. For example The designer can ensure there are lots of recycling bins all around the building.

5) Be an Eco Friendly Champion
If you are an architect, work with your clients and educate them. Consider how to incorporate environmentally-friendly options. Not everyone might be as interested in being more eco-friendly because of a lack of knowledge and so architects and interior designers can bring climate change into the conversation.