Eco Friendly Houses

As the effects of climate change are felt across the world and with the construction industry is responsible for as much as 40 percent of man-made carbon emissions, both governments and individuals are beginning to take the task of building eco friendly houses much more seriously.

Fuelled by increased demand a new industry of eco friendly home building has grown up and a whole host of technological innovations have created an arsenal of eco friendly building materials and techniques. From  wind turbines, to solar panels, to high efficiency lighting,  ultra efficient insulationglazingwater conservationplumbingrecycling and much more.

Eco Friendly Houses - Designs, Concepts and Ideas

Below are some great examples of eco-friendly building design:

Find an Approved Installer in your Area

If you are interested in installing wind turbines, heat pumps, biomass, PV solar panels, solar water panels or micro CHP systems in your house, the Micro Generation Certification Scheme website features an excellent installer search that helps you to find an approved tradesman.

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